Customer Relationship Management

Free CRM

This free CRM software allows you to setup and use a completely Free CRM for your Company with full Documents, Task Management and Team Rooms as our gift to you and your business.

Free CRM Software

No silly limits - no credit card surprises - no file size limits - no limits on number of contacts or companies - no hassle - no installation - no downloads - free of lock in - free of commitments - use it as our gift to you as long as you like
Free CRM Intro

Free CRM - Video Highlights

Adding or Importing Contacts into the Free CRM

Video means there are no userguides or manuals!

The example video shows how easy it is to add contacts or import your existing data so you can get up and running quickly. This is just one example, of many, that show how easy and intuitive the Free CRM software is to use. Every application element is described in this way with Videos that play inside the application at your convenience

The result is that you don't have to spend hours or days figuring stuff out, reading forums and getting help to get started. Simply sign up, then click on the little triangle at the bottom left of each application element and it will be described to you. No hunting for answers. They are right there in front of you as you use the Free CRM software!

For those more determined to get straight into it at the deep end theres a handy CRM administrators getting started guide in the applications menu above or you can check out our Youtube Channel now to have a look at some of the others

Free CRM Software - Video Highlights

The best free CRM is the CRM that helps you to;

Free CRM to help you organise your business


Improve Workflows
Our CRM includes activities, documents and task management so you can finally take control of your choatic workflows
Free CRM to help your business handle leads, prospects, opportunities and follow up with confidence

Follow Up

No more missed opportunities
Handle leads, opportunities, quotes and other follow up activities with ease and confidence
Free CRM to help your business with marketing and campaigning


Engage with confidence
With structure to your contacts and how you group them it's easy to reach out and campaign to generate more leads and sell more efficiently
Free CRM to help you manage your contacts more effectively


Be in Control
Managing contacts across multiple devices, contexts and media is a nightmare unless you have a consolitated contact management capability
Free CRM enhances your business productivity

Free CRM software that is fully featured and unrestricted

Free CRM to save time and money

Drive business efficiency
The average return on investment for adoption of CRM in a business is to save 4 hours per employee per week.

24 days per Year
per employee!

  • Complete

    Manage all CRM functions; contacts, companies, leads, opportunities, clients, quotes, orders and more

  • Insights

    Be informed with reports and dashboards at a glance

  • Global

    Enterprise grade and globally available from secured datacenters

  • Mobile Ready

    Take your company with you with our Free CRM app and stay in touch on the go

  • Easy

    No manuals or user-guides required, all functions feature embedded video showing how to use it

  • No install

    Nothing to install or download, just login and go

  • Great for SMB

    Suitable for all business, sole-trader, small business, medium and established alike

  • Proven

    This is not a new startup solution and has been deployed globally since 2012 with excellent ratings and track record

Free CRM special offer free for life

How does Free for Life sound?

You only ever have to pay to use this application package if you want to add other applications to it or add additional users to join you using the solution.  For many small businesses this may keep you optimised for years.

We are offering a complete 'no-strings' attached, Free for Life; Free CRM to any business. This provides everything a small business needs across CRM, Task Management, Document Management and Team Rooms applications for as long as you like.  Take your time to get it configured for your business without obligation.  This is a complete solution, it is not dumbed down, limited in scope or functionality. For many small business owners, this is all they will need for a good long time!

Under normal circumstances this solution would cost £31.50 a month. Treat it as our gift to you to help your business on its way.

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer , Trivaeo Cloud Services
Free CRM - Yet fully featured

Yes, its Free CRM, but everything you need is included

Free CRM Trivaeo business application software


Customer Relationship Management

Manage all of your Contacts, Companies, Clients, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Communications History and more!

Our full CRM application with no restrictions or limitations

Free CRM Task Management Example

Task Management

Keep your promises

Keep in full control and management of all the tasks you have to complete so that your business never breaks a promise to a customer again

Our full Task Manager application with no restrictions or limitations

Free CRM Team Rooms Example

Team Rooms

Gather your stuff

Use Team Rooms to establish digital break-out areas where you can focus your efforts on jobs, projects and other complex deliverables. These rooms cleverly blend activity based tasks, with files, blogs, messages and a Calendar. It even includes its own semantic web Wiki so you can create your own content layout. 

Our full Team Rooms functionality with no restrictions or limitations

The Free CRM is not all you get!

Document Management too

We have also included our Document Management solution for you too so you can finally take control of your files - this includes an integration directly to Dropbox for added convenience
Free CRM - with everything you need to get started

Free CRM Software - Power Features

Free CRM Drag and Drop Activities and Status dashboard example

Easy Updates

Manage Lead Status with a slide

Set your own activities and statuses and assign tasks to colleagues with a simple drag and drop engine

Free CRM define your own relationships within companies

Who's the Boss?

Easily Manage Decision Makers

Easily define the reporting or decision structure of the contacts and companies you deal with by dragging those that report to those that govern!

Free CRM easily import your contacts into CRM example

Easy Imports

Super Easy Import of any CSV/Excel Data

Importing your data couldn't be easier. The data structure doesn't even have to match. Drag and Drop to define how your data is laid out and be up and running in minutes

Free CRM - Top Tip

We provide regular hints and tips on our Facebook Page to help new CRM users learn how to master Customer Relationship Management not only as a tool but as a business strategy. Be sure to Like our Page so you get ready and easy access to our How-To's and Top Tips

Free CRM - Power Features

Free CRM - Free Mobile CRM too!

CRM ships with a companion application for your tablet or smartphone. It even works offline!
Free CRM - Free for Life - comes with Free Mobile CRM too
Free Mobile CRM

The best bit of all

Client Crowd Led Roadmap

Our clients define the product development
All paid clients on the solution have the right to submit and vote on features that they'd like our Development Team to deliver

You are the Product Manager

Don't sit back and wait
If you can see a really great feature that will make your business even better then submit your idea and get your community to vote for it. The best ideas win!

Agile, Fast, Relevant and Effective

We deliver what our clients wants every 14 days
Our product development lifecycle is SCRUM and AGILE based.  As our clients vote on the features they need for their business it goes straight into development
So, the bottom line, if you see something that would be really cool to add to our Free CRM software, task management, document management or team rooms then submit a feature request or shout it out on Twitter or on our Facebook Page! Put your ideas forward. If Trivaeo and the other users worldwide like your idea it will be done!
Votes placed for top 3 features every 2 weeks!
Free CRM Software - You have a say in its features and capabilities

Free CRM Software - Summary

A quick intro to our Free CRM

This software is used by global currency exchange banks, remote islands to coordinate transport, national windscreen repair franchises, a multinational drug and pharmaceuticals giant, TV production companies and a lot more.

It is used worldwide by businesses big or Small, even sole traders and proprietors. It works, it fits.  It is brilliant, very rich in features but easy and intuitive to use even if you have limited business applications experience, or none at all.

The applications offered by us in our Free CRM surpass anything else available in the market. Our nearest competitor sells something similar for $130 a month per user. So, what's the cost of not accepting our offer?

David Claxton, CEO - Trivaeo Cloud Services

How do these business applications as a service work?

  • Free CRM
    Yes, we offer Free CRM, Task Management, Document Management and Team Rooms free of charge. We hope, as you do, that your business will grow over time and that you will be keen to add users or any of the other 68 (or more) business applications beyond these we start you off with. Until you want to add more users or apps, the Free CRM software is our gift to you.
  • You're the Boss

    This base CRM application with Documents, Tasks and Team Rooms is the foundation of intelligent automation for your business. Later on, you can subscribe to add users, define their roles/permissions and add any of the other 68 apps when and if you want to. Until then, its Free CRM, as promised.

  • No Ties

    At some point you may subscribe to this application suite to add more users or other apps. Even then, you may unsubscribe from any application at any time with no further commitment. You are in complete control of what you need and use all the time.

  • Cloud

    The service only requires an internet connection to access it. It is hosted in geographically dislocated data-centers. Access if from any PC/MAC or smart device. No installations are required. The Free Mobile CRM app works offline too even if you have no internet connection and syncs automatically when you next get online!

  • Modular

    In the future you may have 4 employees in your small business.  1 may end up using CRM, 1 uses project management and the other 2 use documents collaboration, yet you all use timesheets and expenses.  Pick and Mix for your business and allocate to your team as they require it for their role. Buy what you need, use it, downsize or upsize on demand. Easy Peasy!  Until then, use our Free CRM, Documents, Tasks and Team Rooms and reap the business benefits with our compliments!

Free CRM Software - Summary
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