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Trivaeo announces global CloudWorksIT initiative

Trivaeo is delighted to announce the global availability of an applications based affiliate partner program under the CloudWorksIT initiative

This has been driven by unprecedented partner (and in some cases client) interest in packaging and selling the 60+ applications available across the Trivaeo Crossroads Suite. The CloudWorks IT initiative makes it possible for businesses to purchase a perpetual right to bundle, package and resell Trivaeo applications as they desire to markets and end users based either on geography or on more specialist vertical industry segments.

David Claxton, CEO, commenting on the new initiative, said;

"The need to build a network of expert associates that can support the sales and marketing of Crossroads applications has been growing.  At the same time we have been deluged with opportunities to bring on and train companies and individuals that have a commitment to excellence and service.  The two opportunities can now be fulfilled through our latest initiative.

In creating the new CloudWorksIT initiative Trivaeo has become the very first company to create a truly unrestricted global network of associates supporting the delivery of applications and solutions using cloud technology.  Trivaeo is uniquely positioned to develop this sort of network because we own the technology that enables all of the back-end mechanisms of marketing, lead generation, payments and commissions as well as the entire technology stack supporting over 60 business applications."

Commenting further, Pat Graham, CTO, said;

"It is clear to us that the relationship of our end users to our technology can sometimes become a little grey! A firm of accountants may use the technology in ways that really accelerates their business and they become really keen on taking what they have done to market to all the other accountants around them. The value the bring is in the applications framework they have created primarilly for their own use. Secondly they know the language, challenges and opportunities faced by their business segment so much better than we ever can. We focus our application development roadmap on the needs of all and cannot possibly become experts in every single industry segment. Our Affiliate Partner program opens the door to exposing that expertise brilliantly. The ability for them to take their innovative use of our technology and expose it intelligently and with energy to their market sectors was proven to us out of simple demand "

Please visit CloudWorkIT to learn more.



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