Partner Ecosystem

CloudWorksIT Affiliates and Trivaeo Partners

Affliates and Partner Ecosystem

Trivaeo engineers, develops, markets and sells our technology in the forms of complete solutions directly to end users. Our solution is written in house and comprises millions of lines of code. Due to its popularity and the keen desire to do innovative things with the technology and applications we also encourage and support affiliate partners under a Franchise model to qualify to package and resell bundles of Trivaeo Applications (from a range of 65+ of them) under the CloudWorksIT initiative.

Our affiliate partners are specialists in their own right, using and embracing Trivaeo applications to deliver packaged solutions to their clients based on industry sector or sometimes geography. Working together we cover all the specialist, vertical and geographic needs of our clients.

Trivaeo is a completely Independent Software Manufacturer and Vendor and no third party software is used to deliver core Trivaeo solutions or applications functionality. We do however integrate to a range of 3rd party services and in some cases have partnerships and agreements with key vendors who provide infrastructure or equipment that further supports our clients through deeper integrations.



  • Solution Packs
    Meeting popular and common enterprise functionality needs
  • Customisation
    Engineered enhancements and integrations
  • Bespoke
    Stand alone highly tailored solutions
  • Cloud
    Available on public cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Available on private and hybrid cloud basis
  • Premise Based
    Available as a standalone instance deployed on client site and infrastructure
  • Easy Entry
    Free Gift easy entry level CRM packages
  • Packaged
    Bundled application packages created by affialiates
  • Verticals
    Specialised packages created by Affiliates meeting localised enterprise needs
  • Regionalised
    Access to local expertise and specialists
  • Tailored
    Affiliates may mix any of the 65+ applications to meet client needs
  • Cloud
    Available only on a Public Cloud basis
Support and Maintenance is always provided directly by Trivaeo irrespective of the consumption model enjoyed by end user clients

Trivaeo Partner Enablement

Trivaeo Partners have complete domain control of how they bundle, package and price any of the 65 applications available from Trivaeo. They are able to market these applications by industry vertical or by region/geography as they desire. Each partner is a super-administrator of their own technical instance of Trivaeo 'Crossroads' business applications and are able to shape and manage their own client experiences and roadmap.
  • Super Admin
    Each partner completely controls their own instance
  • Resellers
    Each partner may enable as many resellers as they like
  • Regional
    Partners may offer strong local and regional support for their clients
  • Specialists
    Each partner offers strong industry specific knowledge based on their own history and experience
Trivaeo Partners each bring their own unique blend of skills, talent, knowledge and experience to the market giving all Trivaeo end-user clients unrivalled access to choice and flexibility. With every single one of the 65 applications across the business applications suite being unified relationally and functionally with each other there are 4,225 permutations in the "Art of the Possible". Trivaeo partners use the science of Trivaeo technology to deliver on the art of business applications and intelligent business automation by choosing carefully for their region and verticals how they wish to package and release the applications to their clients. Working together as a unified team we span the globe offering the ultimate in client choice and meeting the client needs head on.

Trivaeo Partners

Demand for the Trivaeo Partner Program is very high, please keep checking back for updates!

Partner Directory

Trivaeo Partners - United States

SWJ Enterprises

New York State

Business Automation Technologies

Florida & Caribbean

Coming Soon

Onboarding now


Coming Soon

Onboarding now


Coming Soon

Onboarding now

Trivaeo Partners - United Kingdom

Arcus Business Applications

South East Region

Cloud Apps for the Planet

East Midlands Region

Embrace Cloud Applications

North West Region

Little Purple Moose

London Metropolitan

Little Purple Moose

West Midlands Region


East of England Region

Trivaeo Partners - Rest of the World


Details coming soon


Details coming soon


Details coming soon


Details coming soon


Details coming soon

How to become a Trivaeo Partner

Trivaeo partners join us readily through our CloudWorksIT initiative. This initiative is fully explored and detailed over at CloudWorksIT.

Trivaeo partners are able to bundle, package, market and sell their own mix from any of the 20 CRM and ERP 'genre' major applications available on the Trivaeo platform.

Trivaeo Technology Partners

Kodak Alaris
Works closely with us to provide on premise document scanning technology to digitise paperwork and import it instantly into Trivaeo


Trivaeo is a Microsoft Development Partner. Our technology is based heavily on Microsoft technologies including .Net


Integrations and service logic for Accounting and Taxation functions


Integrations and service logic for Accounting and Book-keeping functions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Affiliate Partner?

To learn more about our Affiliate program (Franchise based) to build and market your own application bundles please visit CloudWorksIT for details


Technology Partners?

If you have technology in hard or soft form that you think will integrate well with Trivaeo then please contact us to discuss your ideas

Integration Partners?

Trivaeo is integrated with too many 3rd party solutions to list individually. We cover everything from social media platforms, communications, accounting solutions, document storage and many more

Value Added Resellers

The Trivaeo Value Added Reseller (VAR) program is available as an option to our partners upon appropriate qualification, expertise and a demonstrable record of success with their clients over time. Rather than an applications lead model their focus is more solutions driven

Can you integrate with my solution?

Trivaeo is driven by the demands of our clients. If there is demand we are probably speaking to you or have already conducted the necessary integration through your API or web-services. If you think an opportunity has been missed that our clients would benefit from then please contact us

Do you offer Training?

End user training and tutorials is embedded in the solution. We also offer face to face training for affiliate partners and in support of our clients that have more specialist training needs. Our affiliate partners also create their own training materials and collateral based on the applications package innovations that they create for their clients.
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  • United Kingdom +44 (0)844 561-1979
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