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Customisations to meet exacting business requirements

Something Unique
Precision for your Business

"90% of the time enterprises can achieve all they need using standard solution packs and their own innovation. Custom solutions deal with the other 10% meeting their needs 100% with something just for them"
Dave Tidwell, COO

Adapt and Thrive

Crossroads is a very flexible framework. Whilst delivered typically in the 3 underlying solution pack variants with Automate as an enhanced option there is also a need for absolute customisation on some occasions.
"Businesses should never adapt their processes or procedures to the capabilities of their business applications. It should always be the other way around!"
Pat Graham, CTO
  • Crossroads
    Is still at the heart of customised solutions
  • Unique
    A business applications suite that is truly malleable
  • Requirements
    You define your business requirements, we provide a solution that matches 100%
  • Flexible
    Public Cloud, Private Hybrid Cloud or on premise - the choice remains yours
  • Effective
    The modular nature of Crossroads allows Trivaeo to innovate for clients extremely cost effectively
  • Agile
    Trivaeo delivers software changes and updates in Agile Sprints. This means you can expect what you need in days and weeks, not months and years
  • Shared Innovation
    Often clients ask for things and we say "Oh, we did that already for Company X" so you get immediate benefits of someone elses idea or need
  • Engineered
    We often don't need to change underlying code; we just change its relationships and behaviours
  • Scalability
    You may not know what volumes your business will scale to over time. You don't need to worry about it!

ERP Software Development

As the owners of our own unified business application software framework, 'Crossroads'; and the experience of many years catering to the requirements of multiple vertical industry sectors we know that we have the skills and experience to build you just what your business needs. We do so using our existing technnology, tweaking, changing it behaviours or integrating it in new ways to your existing business systems or processes. We have a well skilled and business focused development team that think about your challenges from your frame of reference. Our focus is on understanding your needs and presenting a solutions based approach to handling those challenges quickly and very cost effectively.

Don't get trapped by software dead ends

You don't need to spend millions whilst committing to 18 month integration roadmaps to support your advanced business needs.

Worse still is forcing your business to adapt to the deficiences and processes inherent in verticalised applications often provided for niche businesses. Business Applications Software should support the business in the way it works. It should never force a business to change its processes and procedures to fit the needs of the software

"A typical quotation from our clients is that the software they have been using was built by specilists in their industry for their own needs and it seemed to work to start with but is showing significant deficiencies and inflexibility over time. We need to move quicker than this and we want to free ourselves from frustration and inflexibility"
David Tidwell, COO

Reach out, we can help!

Perhaps you are using a CloudWorksIT applications package or a Trivaeo solution pack today and you need a tweak or change to functionality? Or you are a business owner looking to see if Trivaeo can handle a requirement you have to support your business application needs? Please use the form on the right and we'll contact you to discuss your needs.
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