Trivaeo Business Application Software Solutions

Specialist Business Application Solutions

Beyond customised, these solutions cater to the needs of niche vertical industries and sectors

Anything is possible!

"Yes, you can have absolutely unique instances of Trivaeo working just for you, absolutely unique, bespoke and built from the ground up to support your specialist business needs but still delivered as Software as a Service on a cloud footprint giving you the best of all options in one"
Pat Graham, CTO

Think it, design it, do it

You don't have to wait until you are big enough to step onto the specialist business applications stage. Indeed, the smaller you are the more you need a solution building just for you to help you establish, grow and succeed.
"Sometimes when you think you've heard and seen it all a set of requirements lands on my desk that completely astounds me. Wonderful to witness things going from ideas to reality"
Pat Graham, CTO
  • Requirements
    We can help you to define the actual business requirements to support even the most unique value proposition
  • Experienced
    Our specialist solutions cover everything from finding beer barrels to enabling 24x7x365 currency exchange
  • Leverage
    All of our specialist solutions are still built on the familiar and trusted Trivaeo Crossroads framework
  • IoT
    We are comfortable with atomic and composite web services and communications enabled processes, devices so can help you embrace and execute on the Internet of Things
  • Problem Solving
    Trivaeo started because it needed a solution to a unique set of problems and challenges. The same remains true today.
  • Reduced Costs
    Often the wildest ideas need simple manipulation of the 65+ applications in Crossroads and can be delivered quickly and very cost effectively
  • Cash Flow
    Opex, Capex; we don't mind. We can work with you to create a solution that doesn't put a different set of handcuffs on your ability to execute on your needs

Turning your business process needs into reality

Enterprises differentiate themselves in a variety of ways. Sometimes the ideas and needs are so unique that there is nothing available that can support them adequately. Specialist business applications solutions from Trivaeo leave no enterprise stranded with a wonderful idea and a limited ability to execute.

Communications and Process Enabled Business

The Internet of Things is a wonderful example of innovation where devices communicate in real time with their manufacturers or end users. The frameworks necessary to support this are often expensive, cumbersome and difficult to deploy.

Specialist solutions provided by Trivaeo are able to embrace the paradigm from its simplest frame of reference, namely the ability to connect processes with communications and drive these with business rules and workflow. This adaptive capability on top of the established maturity of the Crossroads framework means we can do what we like in supporting our client needs and ideas

"Do you have a really specialist business need? Struggling to find a solution from the mainstream vendors? Do they really understand what you are looking for? Try testing your needs with the Trivaeo team as you will be surprised by the results"
Dave Tidwell, COO

Discuss your needs with us

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