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A tongue in cheek cost comparison with ProsperWorks

Last Xmas my Nephew was so pleased with the new toy that I purchased for him. It was a bit expensive though. But he’s worth it. You should have seen his little face light up when he saw the screen for the first time. So much white space. So clean looking. I must admit he was a little disappointed that it didn’t work at all on his iPad, but he really loves pretending to be a businessman like his Uncle David!

The $119 a month that I have to spend is nothing compared to the hours of joy my little angel gets as he sees all of his emails magically linked to “leads” in his new Prosperworks CRM. He plays for hours answering emails and the whole Google link is so entertaining. Email is so important to him nowadays. Some days he can spend all day playing with them. It keeps him quiet.

Now 14 days into January, he has progressed to the next level of the CRM set up game and has finally managed to navigate the wonderfully complex contacts import level and is already through to setting up teams and targets. Kids never cease to amaze me with how street smart they have become! I’m so glad I invested the extra $60 a month to get that function otherwise the joy of playing with emails would have run out by now.

You should see him as he sits there in his little business suit pretending to be a businessman. His little friends come round and play with him and they pretend to send quotes and invoices. They have to pretend with that bit, because the Prosperworks application at the $119 level does not have that yet. But it’s just as much fun as the real thing. After all, who wants a CRM that can send quotes if there is no way to add your own prices or products or services anyway?

He’s back at school now. This morning he was crying and we tried desperately to discover what had upset him so much. My wife ran to the school and found that now, his horrid mate Pat is taking the mickey out of him for playing with toys. Kids can be so cruel. Apparently Pat’s big-headed Dad didn’t go to ToysRus and has managed to set up a full CRM with business logic, workflow, products and services catalogue as well as tasks management. My little Angel’s mates now don’t even want to play with his CRM as they can all sign in for free as self-service users on Pat’s. I hate Xmas. You spend hours looking for the toy with the most features and Pat’s Dad still manages to get an entire Business Operations Portal for less than I paid. Who the hell is “Trivaeo Cloud Services” anyway?

Never mind. I just wish it wasn’t cloud-based. At least then he could have played with the box it came in!

I’m gonna cancel the subscription to ProsperWorks if they don’t get me extra features. I have called them. That was yesterday. I did get a nice automated email back though. It seems they use ZenDesk to reply to paying customers. I wonder what “24 Hours response with best endeavors” actually means. Is that American for Customer Service?

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