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Oracle should create software that we can actually afford

Oracle recently wrote a pretty good article that suggested the 'ending of the idea of employees'.  Given over 90% of the UK population is employeed in businesses with less than 20 employees we can only assume that Oracle is trying to address the SMB side of the market.  No, they can't be, the software is too expensive for SMB's

 Now all Oracle has to do is create software that SMB's can afford

I calculate that the average Small or Medium business in the UK or US would have to sack their entire workforce and stay man- (or woman) free for up to three years before they could afford anything Oracle sells.  Ironic isn’t it? Or perhaps they think we can take on the sort of debt seen by small countries? That having been said, they do write excellent content. This article by Jamie Davies is a case in point. Jamie Davies in online magazine - Oracle has a crack at ending the idea of employees

I cannot disagree with a word of this.  It is thought provoking and insightful. However, it’s not for the SME plebs. Yes, I know that’s a derisory term, but large Organisations like Oracle will only start to care about the “Plebs”, once they have saturation in their own “Rich and Loony” prospect base.

The companies that have market dominance, don’t care a jot about their own customers or about making products that real people can afford are here.  But so were the dinosaurs.  But Trivaeo has news for you guys.  Have you not noticed that the wind is starting to turn?  98% of businesses in the United Kingdom and only slightly less in the United States are SMALLER businesses.  If Robin Hood was alive today he would be driving a sword through every one of these rich giants hearts.  

So, read the article and then discover how you can do pretty much the same at 1% of the cost with Trivaeo Crossroads.  Small Business Owners note…. These people are not wrong… They are just greedy.

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