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An email exchange about knowledge sharing across the enterprise

I receive a lot of industry specific email and sales offers. One of the recent ones was interesting enough to discuss.  They asked me...

From vendor:  How do you share knowledge across the enterprise? Is valuable information scattered across multiple systems and in the heads of subject matter experts? As a Sr. Solutions Consultant with ACME*, I've seen a lot of enterprises struggle with providing the right information to the right people in a timely manner.

I immediately had the pleasure of replying with;

To answer your question about how we "... share knowledge across the enterprise?", we use our Trivaeo Business Platform, that functions off of one single point of data truth throughout a company's instance, so there is literally no data scatter. Furthermore, with regards to "... providing the right information to the right people in a timely manner.", when you set up a Trivaeo solution instance for a company you can dictate what documents each person has access to at all times (including roles and permissions), so with Trivaeo, every user has access to all needed documentation at all times, as dictated by management.  The funny thing is, he never replied!

*Name anonymised to protect the party concerned

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