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eMail Collector - how to stop losing important emails

SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger vents about how businesses struggle to manage their email workload and how we spend so much time looking for the information we need in eMail


Communication: Crossroads Collector versus “Where did that email go?"

Nearly everyone in the business world get a lot of emails daily, lots of them spam, most of them not. What I see on a regular basis is people looking for emails, scouring folders and getting very frustrated when they cannot locate them. Not only does this affect the time of employees, but can be detrimental to business if emails get “lost”. Enter the Trivaeo Email Collector! Each company that has a Trivaeo instance is given a unique email address that you can put into your emails as a CC or BCC, which sends the email to their CRM instance at the same time they send the mail to their contact. There the emails are automatically pinned to the connection within the CRM app, or if that person is no yet a connection they are gathered in a master email storage. Thus we have eliminated the potential for lost or missing emails, and have made keeping communications together with contact information an automated process, alleviating concerns, reducing wasted time, and easing daily life for all.  Now, when reviewed a contact in CRM you can see a lovely nested set of communications from ALL of your employees with that contact in a single top-down view.  Nothing gets lost and the promises you make to your contacts by anyone in the organisation are transparently obvious and clear to all.

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