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The benefits of Business Automation (Part 11)

SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger has given some consideration to the benefits of business automation. He continues his core observations here. You'll want to see them...

Lowering Workplace Conflict

The Benefits of Business Automation: Lowering workplace conflict

True story. I used to be part of a support team that often helped fill-in when other teams needed a few more hands on deck. I was promoted but remained with the team, and was given a whole new set of tasks and duties, and was set off to do my own thing. Approximately 3 weeks later I was pulled into a conference room, where the manager of one of the other teams my group had supported, felt it appropriate to lay into me for no longer helping her team. Looking back at that moment I can’t help but think that had that company employed Trivaeo, this never would have come up.

Why? Because when you can dictate resources for specific tasks, if one of her team had wanted to assign me a task they would not have been able to do so anymore. Furthermore, she could have gone into the e-HR Company Organisation Chart and would have seen that I had been promoted. One simple way in which Trivaeos’ business automation works to lower workplace conflict.

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