You've just taken your first transformational steps

We look forwards to welcoming you soon to our office in Monmouth to explore the 'Art of the Possible' in transforming your business.

Dave Tidwell, the Chief Operating Officer of Trivaeo usually conducts the workshops at the Trivaeo Office at Singleton Court Business Park just off Wonastow Road in Monmouth.  
Dave will contact you via email to set up your workshop session. Please look out for his email soon.

We will even buy the coffee!

  • Format
    We arrange a mutually agreeable time and date, and you come to our office at Singleton Court. We show you how business applications can support your business
  • Costs
    None, other than your time and travel expenses to reach us
  • What will you see?
    We will have an open discussion and hands-on demonstration of business applications and how they are used by businesses large or small to transform their people, processes and technology to do more
  • How long will it take?
    We should plan on at least 2 hours. 1 hour would be a tight squeeze!  Many delegates like to model scenarios that their own business faces routinely. So plan on at least 2 hours to do your business needs justice.
Hassle Free
  • Follow Ups?
    Most delegates leave the session having learned a lot and want to do it again with potentially a wider audience from their business. This is absolutely fine and understood
  • Skills Required?
    Ideally, you are a business owner or manager who cares about the future prosperity and efficiency of your business.  You don't need any technical skills.
  • We are local
    Our solutions are used worldwide by companies big and small. Take advantage of the fact that one of our Executives who lives and works in Monmouth and can show you how these business do it, for free!
  • Expectations
    We only want to show you the 'Art of the Possible' - it's totally up to you how you may wish to proceed, especially if you see something powerful for your business

How to find us

Our offices are conveniently located at Singleton Court Office Park, just off Wonastow Road a short distance from Monmouth Town centre.  A large car-park is available on site.  You can reach us locally via email or phone using the links below too if you need to check on any details before arriving.
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