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A general introduction to the Platform

An introduction to the TrivaeoCloud and CloudWorksIT Business Application Suite for users that are new to Business Operations Platforms.

The entire Business Applications Suite is manufactured, hosted and provided as 'Software as a Service' by Trivaeo Cloud Services Ltd, a UK based Company.  The Suite as a whole is a single-shard instance of software technology that provides a range of business software used by Companies all over the world.  The Companies using the technology use any of the 20 or more major business application areas to support the day to day running of their business. The technology provides a business of any size, large or small, with everything typically needed to conduct their business on a day to day basis.  The technology covers a broad range of typical CRM, Customer Relationship Management and ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning genres.  Uniquely to Trivaeo these applications are pre-integrated and bonded together in such a way that there is zero client based integration work required.  The major application areas, in no particular order, include;

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Asset Management
  3. Contracts Management
  4. Supplier Management
  5. Document Management & Document Collaboration
  6. Human Resources Management including Holiday Management, Expenses Management and Timesheets Management
  7. Project Management
  8. Resource Management
  9. Self Service
  10. Service Desk & Help Desk Management
  11. Stock Management
  12. Task Management
  13. Team Rooms and Team Collaboration
  14. and a further wide range of supporting applications designed to make any business users day to day workload easier and more efficient to manage
The underlying intent of the business applications suite is to maximise a businesses' profitability by removing inefficiency, improving effectiveness and making it easy to use automation to take the dull trudge out of typical business workflows as things (work and tasks) flow between parts of any business. The technology is hosted on a global cloud based platform which is owned and operated by Trivaeo Cloud Service.  It is available in multiple regional formats, so that no matter where the client users are based they are able to access a relatively local access point to their solution. This helps to keep time-through-the-loop to a minimum and assists in providing a high quality level of service to all users irrespective of their physical location. As a Software Development Organisation, Trivaeo Cloud Services provides the solution commercially under 2 main platform areas. These application platform areas are identical at a base level; but use different templates and configurations.  The two main platform areas are;
  1. TrivaeoCloud
    Trivaeocloud is an instance of the Business Applications Suite that tends to be utilised by clients that are using a customised or other specialist form of Trivaeo technology. The solutions operated here are typically engineered, architected, constructed and configured by Trivaeo directly on behalf of an end user business or a Trivaeo Business Partner who is representing one of their own clients.
  2. CloudWorksIT
    CloudWorksIT is an instance of the Business Applications Suite that is focused on standard applications that meet the needs of 80% of the global business market with nothing other than basic administrative configuration by the organisation using it.  This basic setup to align the applications to the business need is conducted by the end user companies themselves and typically requires limited or no intervention at all from Trivaeo Cloud Services or the Trivaeo Business Partner
In both cases the underlying technology is identical and runs on the same infrastructure.  Generally, on a day to day basis end users don't need to care about which instance they are using as it makes little difference to the experience.  Users simply log in to their 'business portal' as defined by their own administrators.  In the majority of cases businesses are able to more or less self-service their own adoption of our business applications technology as it is comparatively simple to setup; where the typical setup is mainly associated with basic configuration of the solution to meet a company's own needs.


There is no installation required to use the basic Trivaeo Cloud Services applications on each TrivaeoCloud or on CloudWorksIT.  There are a range of mobile applications available for Android or Apple iOS based devices.  In those cases the applications are downloaded from the relevant application stores and are automatically installed on the client device.  From there users access those applications using their assigned login email address and password as normal.

Getting Started

The Trivaeo Cloud Services technology fully supports self-service based registration, sign-up and provisioning.  It is possible for your business to sign up to an individual application or a suite of applications as bundled and packaged either by Trivaeo as a 'Solution' or by a Trivaeo Business Partner as an 'Application Package'.  Only 1 (one) single user from any company is able to claim a 'Company' as theirs on the Trivaeo platform.  If I was to sign up to an application package as ACME LTD then that business name will be unavailable to be claimed by any other member of ACME LTD.  Therefore, the first sign up to the Trivaeo Technology is generally from the person or department that will subsequently own and manage the configuration for that company.  Links to the sign up packages of either bundled applications are provided typically in one of two ways;
  1. Self Service Sign-Up
    Here your company admin has a direct link to a package or suite of applications that they will click on and complete completely on their own.
  2. Assisted Sign-Up
    A Trivaeo representative or Business Partner may complete the initial registration and some of the basic configuration as a value added service and then hand off the company solution directly to the affected company administrator
You may see packages advertised in Social Media, Google Advertising or on the Web Site here at Trivaeo or at our Partner sites.  These are typically sign-up offers to trials or other 'offers'

The Process

The 'spawning' and creation of a new technical instance of Trivaeo Technology for your business is completely automated and self-provisioning.  By clicking on the sign-up link you will be acting as your business 'administrator' and claiming rights over that instance for and on behalf of the Company name you provide during the registration process.  Once you have confirmed your registration details, our technology will provision your instance. This typically takes less than a couple of minutes.  You will be sent an email confirming that your solution or application package has been created and you'll be provided a log in to access the solution for the first time.  At first log in to your company solution you will be asked to provide a password.  From there, you carry on to configure the solution to your business taste using the administrative tools provided.  You set it up as you need and once the basic setup is complete you invite your colleagues to join you as users on the system.  You are in complete control of your own company 'onboarding' process.  You assign roles and rights to each user so that they can see what they need to see to do their job.  You enable or disable functions, the rights to edit, delete and so on as you need to using our simple permissions system.


Paying for your solution is typically done on a self-service basis.  When signing up for a commercial service you will be informed what the total monthly fee is.  These are arbitrary and defined specifically for each package or solution.  Trivaeo provides a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to our Business Partners.  They are free to set their own pricing preferences.  It is also possible that your company is offered a proprietary pricing model which is unique to your business and its needs.  In all cases the payments can be conducted directly inside the solution using our secure payment gateway systems; or you may be invoiced by Trivaeo or our Business Partners monthly or as otherwise agreed. You can expand or add users on-demand without contacting Trivaeo or our Business Partners. You can flex, go larger or go smaller on demand too.  We do not tie you into inefficient bundles and our pricing schema is clear, transparent and you are always in complete control.  You may cancel your service when ever you like within the boundaries of an existing subscription.  You can bundle all your subscriptions together in many cases or you can manage the rights and costs for each user in your company with extremely granular control in your hands. We would like to emphase that you and your company are in control of what you consume on our platform.  There are no hidden costs or suprises. Our payment transaction processing system and gateways are provided by Bluesnap, a leading Global payments company.


All communications and activities with the TrivaeoCloud and CloudWorksIT platforms are via a secured internet link over HTTPS.  At no time are user passwords or other proprietary or company confidential information sent over unsecured connections.  Your business remains in complete control of access, privileges and rights to access your company instance for its direct users or self-service users that you define within your entitlements.

We never transmit not set your solution access passwords.  These are entirely managed by your users as part of their own login process.  As an administrator or a user with the necessary permissions group access then you will be able to block, suspend, reset or delete your assigned users in real-time.  Neither Trivaeo nor any of our owner operator business partners will ever ask for your password to the solution; never divulge it.


Trivaeo takes regular snapshots of the entire global solution footprint so that it is possible for us to roll-back your company data-set to a previous instant in time.  Whilst we do not do this routinely; it is technically possible. There are no client-side backup regimes necessary. This is all forms part of our Terms of Service and is part of the Service we provide.

In normal and routine use our solution is highly available and extremely fault tolerant and geographically hosted in multiple data centres.  Any loss of data in any form can be traced back to your own users; so assign their privileges and access credentials carefully; and always remove logins from your system when those persons leave your employ or business.  Be restrictive rather than 'hopeful' in your roles and permissions across your user groups.  Your data is the bedrock upon which your business thrives and depends.  Treat it as your greatest digital asset.

Any rollback of your data due to any malicious user activities on your instance through assigning the wrong user permissions or providing logins to untrusted entities is ultimately your own responsiblity.  Trivaeo is happy to work with you to restore your data from our backups but this is not a standard service.  Please contact us via our support helpdesk if this is something that you would like to discuss.

Our technology is flexible and we can also support hybrid solution footprints where you can access the solution through the cloud but have your enterprise data stored on your own local DB schema and infrastructure (hybrid) or the entire solution can be deployed not as Software as a Service; but as a dedicated 'farm' on your own infrastructure.  If your security and data-warehousing requirements are likely to require these options then please contact us to discuss your needs.


The Trivaeo Business Operations Platform is a unified Suite of Business Applications that make any business more efficient and effective in handling its day to day operations, workforce and workflows.  It is available globally and on-demand. It is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).  Access to the solution is always secure over HTTPS and your business has nothing to install, nothing to deploy and requires zero hardware for servers, databases or firewalls.  Your company signs up for a known cost per month/annum or as otherwise agreed.  You can pay natively inside the solution where you have complete oversight of all invoices and payment histories.
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